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Predict the age of abalone from physical measurements

Attribute Information:

Given is the attribute name, attribute type, the measurement unit and a brief description. The number of rings is the value to predict: either as a continuous value or as a classification problem. 

Name / Data Type / Measurement Unit / Description 


Sex / nominal / -- / M, F, and I (infant) 

Length / continuous / mm / Longest shell measurement 

Diameter / continuous / mm / perpendicular to length 

Height / continuous / mm / with meat in shell 

Whole weight / continuous / grams / whole abalone 

Shucked weight / continuous / grams / weight of meat 

Viscera weight / continuous / grams / gut weight (after bleeding) 

Shell weight / continuous / grams / after being dried 

Rings / integer / -- / +1.5 gives the age in years 

The readme file contains attribute statistics

Dependent variable: rings




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